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How many times have you complained about having a shortage of a couple of ingredients for a dish you were about to start making? Then complained about having to go all the way to the market just to get a couple of fruits and vegetables? Batom is here to solve this very problem and make your life much more smooth sailing and uncomplicated! Providing the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the mandi! All you have to do is fill your cart and your daily requirements are met with a click of a button on our easy-to-use app! Going to expensive grocery stores and buying the same so-called imported fruits and vegetables wrapped in layers of plastic is not very eco-friendly nor is it pocket-friendly. We believe great quality does not need to cost more.
Batom updates its prices every day according to the market or mandi rates and presents no hidden costs to its customers.
Moreover, Batom is an active advocate of India’s initiative of #VocalForLocal. In this day and age, supporting our local vendors has become extremely essential. Everybody is struggling to earn a living on a daily basis and this struggle is only magnified due to the pandemic. Now is the time to really push for Vocal for Local and support our Indian vendors.
Batom has been responsible for providing farm-fresh fruits and vegetables since 1976. We started as the founder of the Tilak Nagar market and went on to expand our endeavour to the Keshopur market! We understand more than anyone else how the growing conglomerates are taking over the produce landscape with their imported and fancy goods and influencing the households all over the state of Delhi.
A self-reliant, or ‘aatmanirbhar’ India is one where we buy and also promote our local products. Batom helps you save your invaluable time, energy, and also resources on a regular basis.
Time, on top of everything else, is the most precious commodity and something neither of us can buy no matter how much we want to! Going to the market may seem like a small task, but it really does take away precious time out of each day and more than anything else, it puts us at risk and exposes us daily. Batom helps you avoid this risk and minimize your exposure to ensure the safety of you and your family! With our easy-to-use app, fill up your cart with your everyday shopping requirements and buy local produce at extremely reasonable rates! Opt to pay online and ensure a contact-less delivery and keep your family safe!
Batom observed a 100% satisfaction rate among its clientele and we take pride in delivering fresh daily produce at extremely economical and affordable rates!

Your trusted Bulk Buy Buddy!

Batom has been supplying fresh produce since 1976. Batom is keeping up with the times and feeding its passion for providing daily staples to homes in Delhi NCR for decades. From being the founder of the Tilak Nagar Vegetable Market to supplying fresh fruits and vegetables in Keshopur market we've come a long way! Batom takes pride in charging only fair mandi prices. Moreover, we provide an extremely easy-to-use and uncomplicated app to its users. An easy to manoeuvre app that requires minimal personal details are hard to come by these days and Batom provides just this! Order from the comfort of your home with freshness and quality guaranteed!
Batom does not just cater to individual homes but also facilitates buying in bulk! This option is ideal for restaurants and caterers as they don’t have to go to the market every morning especially when they can get a considerable discount with Batom!
Whether it is delivering a substantial order for restaurants or to caterers, Batom satisfies every big order in time! One big perk of engaging Batom’s delivery service when it comes to bulk orders is that it provides all fresh produce at wholesale prices!
With a wide range of produce, Batom can satisfy all your vegetable and fruit needs! We have observed 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to fulfilling any bulk order.
We Deliver and fulfill orders for a variety of events, be it personal or professional! Delivering to caterers and even individuals for family events like birthdays, anniversaries, or any big party with your loved ones is something we have experience in.
In these uncertain times, individuals are cautious when it comes to going outdoors and exposing themselves to potential health risks. Even after maintaining an advisable distance and taking all safety measures, going outside still poses a risk to you and your loved ones. Batom ensures your safety and takes care of handling the daily task of going to the market for you. To maintain caution users have the option of selecting the online payment mode on the Batom App to guarantee safety with our contactless delivery! Fruits and vegetables fresh from the farmers market straight to your home or business! Enjoy all the perks of farm-fresh veggies and fruits without spending any precious time and energy from your end!

Save Time, Order On The Go with Batom!

Does your busy schedule not give you ample time to go out and buy your daily vegetables & fruits? Batom understands this struggle and offers a hassle-free vegetable delivery service that delivers right at your doorstep! Ordering on Batom not only saves your precious time but also saves your money! We deliver straight from the mandi and charge only mandi prices.
Forget trying to make time in your schedule for vegetable shopping; with Batom’s easy to use app, order all the vegetables & fruits you need, on the go!
You can order your daily staples on your way to work or on the way back, or when you’re out with friends or even when you're out spending some family time! With Batom’s quick and easy to navigate app, it’ll only take a few minutes to order all you need and have it delivered when you want!
Batom has been around since 1976, supplying fresh and the high quality produce to you. We’ve come a long way from being the founders of the Tilak Nagar Vegetable Market and being trusted vendors in Keshopur Market.
Batom is a trusted brand of vegetable vendors that is keeping up with the times by bringing our quality services to the digital platform, with a very convenient and helpful app.
The Batom App has a wide range of delicious & quality vegetables & fruits to choose from. Enhance your meals with new recipes made with the freshest vegetables.
Our rates are always updated according to the mandi in order to provide you with fair prices with no hidden charge.
Not only do we deliver to individual homes but we fulfill any requirements of other businesses such as restaurants, caterers, etc. We offer a Bulk Buy option so you can meet all your vegetables & fruits needs in the same order. Whether you need us for your home’s daily needs or for any large gathering, Batom is here for you!
No more time consuming trips to the market that drain your energy as well as your pocket! Order on the go with the Batom app and with a few simple clicks, have fresh & high quality produce delivered to your doorstep at fair mandi prices.
Buying vegetables & fruits has never been this easy!

Healthy Wealthy and Wise With Batom

We’re all familiar with the phrase “healthy, wealthy & wise” but how to achieve this trifecta of qualities with Batom? Read on to find out.
Batom has been supplying fresh & high quality fruits & vegetables since 1976. We are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and what that needs is a nutritious diet filled with fruits & vegetables that are nourishing for the body.
We understand eating healthy is a choice we make everyday and it takes a bit of effort to maintain such a lifestyle. That’s why we want to support you on this journey towards health by making it easier and more convenient to get the freshest and healthiest produce delivered to your home with zero hassle. So this is how you stay Healthy!
Now there’s a common narrative that eating healthy is expensive. Well, we’re here to bust that myth with Batom’s ‘straight from the mandi’ services; we offer a wide variety of fruits & vegetables at the fair mandi prices only! We update all our prices according to the mandi prices everyday so we can offer you the best prices with no hidden charge. And this is how you stay Wealthy!
Batom is a big advocate for #VocalForLocal initiative. And the world today needs more businesses like Batom that support local vendors. We all have our parts to play in this during such difficult times.
With all that batom has to offer and all that it does for society, it becomes the wise choice to make!

Now you can Shop for fruits and Vegetables online, Just like any other item

Shopping has a new destination -from jewelleries to books, nowadays the whole lot is online and is just a click away. Even our daily groceries have joined the bandwagon as urban middle class Indians discover their recently found approach to consumerism. BATOM Vegetable Basket is tapping into this window of opportunity. They are procuring vegetables directly from the Mandi and delivering them right to your doorsteps. Moreover, vegetables and grocery shopping are not just some monthly requirement but is often perceived as a family activity that many Indians enjoy doing over the weekends.
Delhi based online Vegetable and fruit portal BATOM Vegetable Basket with more than 2000 registered customers for their online services. “Initially what we saw was that more people ordered over the phone compared to internet”.
Imports of fruit and vegetables are rising, which means that direct-to-store or direct-to-consumer logistics methods should continue to inflate and BATOM Vegetable Basket is not leaving any stone unturned. While orientating themselves to source fresh fruit and vegetables directly from Mandi and making them available through online channels to their customers. We can speculate that there will be growth in the online market for fruit and vegetables sales.
If this trend continues, the number of such organizations drawn to online sales will also increase and the online market for fruit and vegetables can be expected to expand.
For consumers, it may be that the online purchase characteristics of three product categories differ in lifestyle grouping. The Naïve Group, with a relatively high online shopping frequency, comprises a small proportion of the whole, which is one reason why the use of online fruit and vegetable purchase channels is not particularly popular today. Both the Frugal Group and the Cool Group have high levels of younger consumers, who do not tend to purchase fruit and vegetables however organizations can increase demand by targeting the Achiever Group (who are comparatively older and proactive in their use of online shopping) and selling fruit and vegetables through online channels.

Buy Fresh fruits & Vegetables in just few clicks at Mandi Price

BATOM Vegetable Basket is an online fresh fruit and vegetable selling application, offering fruits and vegetable on Mandi rates. BATOM Vegetable Basket was founded by Mr. Manoj Batra. Mr. Manoj Batra is in business of selling vegetables fruits since 1976. He is also the founder of Tilak Nagar Vegetable Market in West Delhi, New Delhi, India.
BATOM Vegetable Basket ensures that their customer has access to fresh fruits and vegetables in fair price. They also offer home delivery system which enables customers to get vegetables and fruits right from their home without visiting vegetable market. BATOM Vegetable Basket updates their prices on a daily basis which completely depends on daily Mandi rates; they also have daily deals which customers can take benefit from. BATOM Vegetable Basket sources goods directly from Mandi to ensure there are no intermediaries and subsequently offer discounts to customers.
BATOM Vegetable Basket has a very simple philosophy, they work to make their customers life easy and provide them hassle free shopping experience, and they offer free home delivery with wide array of payment options COD being one of them. They strive to take this platform from local level to pan India level and are working on to provide the ease of shopping vegetable and fruits right from the comfort of home to every customers throughout India.
On an average, BATOM Vegetable Basket receives about 40-50 orders and are planning to extend their services across Delhi soon. The Founder Mr. Manoj Batra stated, “Apart from staple food such as tomato, onions and potatoes, there is a lot of interest for exotic vegetables and seasonal fruits.” “An unusual challenge in this space however is to meet customized requests, such as potatoes could be small ones or large ones and at times it is difficult to communicate on exactly what a consumer wants,” added Mr. Batra.
Contrasting from other goods which are sold online, vegetable and fruits are ‘touch-n-feel’ products and as one of the early player in the sector, BATOM Vegetable Basket have understood that to grow in this sector, it is extremely vital to be at uniformity with the customers.